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At Bluechip, our approach to financial planning is based on our understanding of your circumstances, your lifestyle objectives and your financial needs. We then map out your financial plan that will allow you to meet your aims over the coming years. An ongoing service arrangement can be set up to help you stay on track as time progresses.

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As a customer of Bluechip for over 12 years, I can always trust David and his expert team to come up with a plan that’s tailored to suit my needs. My yearly financial review puts my mind at ease as I know I’m on the right track with my finances. If you, your family or business require solid financial guidance, Bluechip is my recommended trusted advisor.

P. Cody, 2021 

I know that I can get in touch with Bluechip at any time with any financial queries I may have, but what I particularly appreciate are the regular policy reviews with my advisor. This has been extra important during the past 12 months of uncertainty. Being able to update with my advisor, by phone or through Zoom, has been very reassuring. I always feel we are getting relevant advice that keeps our retirement and financial plans on track!

C. Dooge, 2021

I have been both a personal and business customer of Bluechip for nearly 10 years. They are, first of all, a very ethical company which is number 1 when it comes to financial matters. They also have the expertise to recommend what will deliver the best outcomes for the customer.

M. McGowan, 2021 

Of course, a regular financial review makes complete sense but I never felt like it was a priority. That is until I experienced my first Bluechip financial review. Now it’s an appointment I would not miss. The insightful questions around my personal financial objectives were really thought-provoking and the Bluechip financial plan gave me great advice, access to some new financial products I hadn’t heard about and some very welcome savings. I now wouldn’t be without my up-to-date financial plan.

A. McDonogh, 2021


My relationship with my Bluechip Advisor is what I value the most. In between my regular reviews with Hubi, I know that I can get in touch with any queries or concerns I may have. As my own situation changes throughout the year, I can always update with Bluechip about my policy values and any decisions I may need to make. I couldn’t recommend Bluechip enough!

P. McDowell, 2021

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